LMD listing positions Prime Group among country’s top 100 corporates

Prime Group has gained recognition among the top 100 most respected entities in Sri Lanka and as the sector leader in the real estate industry in a listing compiled by Lanka Monthly Digest (LMD) for the sixth year. 

It is one of Sri Lanka’s most awarded and most valuable groups of companies, owning the country’s largest land bank. With an ever-increasing portfolio of lands, homes, high-rises and ultra-luxury apartments to shape the neighbourhoods in Sri Lanka. This listing reaffirms the resilience of the Prime Group in challenging economic circumstances. 

Through the inculcation of mutual respect into the corporate strategy and way of working at all levels of the organization, Prime has always earned the respect of the stakeholders. Respecting everyone’s ideas by establishing platforms to share opinions freely among the staff leads the group to continuously progress in the real estate industry. 

The designing and developing of all policies, processes and people of the Prime Group are focused towardscreating consistent value and becoming a reliable entity. 

At Prime, the management sets high standards whilst monitoring implementation and the expected outcome. Corrective measures are in place to protect the corporate image at all times and not merelywhen remedying a customer’s negative experience. 

Despite the very challenging situation faced by the country this year, Prime Group delivered the condominium projects ‘Java 25’ and ‘Desire’ in Colombo and the ‘Galle Heritage’ individual housing project in Galle and are planning to hand over a few more individual housing projects in the near future. It is by delivering on their promises that Prime Group builds the confidence of their stakeholders.

Group Chairman, Brahmanage Premalal welcomed the recognition saying, “We are humbled to have been recognized as ‘most respected entity’ for the sixth time and Prime Group prides itself on being armed with a team of highly engaged employees and senior management. 

With a reputation for handing over projects to consumers as promised and without compromising quality standards, we are keen to develop the local real estate sector to be a key driver of economic growth as the trendsetter of the real estate landscape in Sri Lanka.”